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11:09  ,  10/10/2015

Iran wins Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Championship
Iran won the title of the 5th Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Championship held in Tabriz, north-west Iran, on Friday.

17:56  ,  26/02/2015

Iran crowned champion of Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup
Team Iran won the fourth edition of the Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

11:21  ,  10/02/2015

Jahan Pahlavan Takhti forever
Jahan-Pahlavan is a hero, Pahlavan wrestler Takhti is a man of respect, a man of Koshti… a Pahlavan wrestler never worries, a Pahlavan wrestler is never in two minds, Jahan-Pahlavan is never afraid, Jahan-Pahlavan is a man of service and family.

15:12  ,  05/02/2015

The art of becoming a Pahlavan wrestler
Pahlavan Wrestlers “ARMBAND” Recipients; to be a Pahlavan Wrestler-And-Jahan-Pahlavan is the highest honor given to a Persian wrestler.

19:03  ,  03/02/2015

Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup to be held in Tajikistan
The fourth edition of the Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup will be held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan from February 23 to 28.

17:02  ,  29/01/2015

The way of Pahlavans wrestling
Koshti Pahlavani (Heroic Wrestling); The house of koshti pahlavani brotherhood is tradition that continues to burn inside of pahlavan wrestler, that tradition cannot be taken away, it is what makes you a pahlavan wrestler-or-heroic wrestler.

19:33  ,  06/01/2015

Parviz Hadi becomes Iran Pahlevan
International wrestler Parviz Hadi has been named as the new Pahlevan of Iran. . All Rights Reserved 2014©
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