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   November , 17, 2015, 20:17 PM  

Iran’s Zahra Kiani snatches silver at World Wushu Championships
Zahra Kiani of Iran claimed a silver medal in the Women's Changquan Taolu Competition during the 2015 World Wushu Championships on Tuesday.

The Iranian athlete seized the silver with 9.52 points. 

“I participate in the senior level for the first time and it’s very difficult. I think I could have won the gold medal. I’m feeling a little bit sad since I could not win the gold,” Kiani said. 

Sandra Konstantinova of Russia claimed the gold medal with 9.53 points. 

Bronze medal went to Amy Li from the USA with 9.48.  

In the Men’s Duilian, Team Iran consisting of Ebrahim Fathi, Mohsen Ahmadi and Navid Makvandi seized a silver.

China won the gold medal in the event and Ukraine bagged the bronze. 

Farshad Arabi claimed the silver medal at Nandao event on Monday. 

More than 900 Wushu athletes from 73 countries are participating at Istora Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Iran has participated in the competition with 11 exponents.


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