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BY : KHASHAYAR SARRAFI |   January , 29, 2015, 17:02 PM  

The way of Pahlavans wrestling
Koshti Pahlavani (Heroic Wrestling); The house of koshti pahlavani brotherhood is tradition that continues to burn inside of pahlavan wrestler, that tradition cannot be taken away, it is what makes you a pahlavan wrestler-or-heroic wrestler.

Being a pahlavan wrestler is a unique way to connect to the world…Keeping Tradition alive through education and cultural practices.

1-Be friend pure, knowledgeable, and wise pahlavan wrestler.

2-The best virtue of a pahlavan wrestler (house of koshti pahlavani athlete) is to do good things for the benefit of others.

3-Pahlavan wrestler, and jahan pahalavn trains others in the way “ROSTAM” taught wrestling.

4-Be at your best…Do your best to become knowledgeable on the rules of pahlavans wrestling.

5-Respect your elders…Pahlavan wrestler should respect others as you would like them to respect you. 

6-To do one’s own work well and to be a good, kind pahlavan wrestler is the first requirement of pahlavans wrestling. 

7-Loving people, loving pahlavan wrestlers…To love and care for other pahlavan wrestlers is pahlavans wrestling rules. 

8-Treating pahlavan wrestlers, others as you would like to be treated yourself. This is the way to live according to ancient pahlavans wrestling rules and regulations.

9-Pahlavan wrestler should be sociable, well-rounded and cultured…Seeking knowledge is mandatory and it’s as simple as that.

10-Do not let your pride get the best of you…Be a humble pahlavan wrestler. Admit when you’re wrong. Apologize if necessary.


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