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BY : Khashayar Sarrafi |   February , 05, 2015, 15:12 PM  

The art of becoming a Pahlavan wrestler
Pahlavan Wrestlers “ARMBAND” Recipients; to be a Pahlavan Wrestler-And-Jahan-Pahlavan is the highest honor given to a Persian wrestler.
In Memory of Jahan-Pahlavan Takhti, The Art of Being A Pahlavan Wrestler;

1-Live the Pahlavan Wrestler Lifestyle… Generosity, Joy of Effort, Chvalries Spirit, Honor, Integrity, Wisdom, Decency, Loyalty And Courage.

2-Becoming a Pahlavan Wrestler…Leadership, Performance, Athleticism, Responsibility, Commitment, Humble in Spirit, And Love of Koshti/Bastani Wrestling.

3-Being a pahlavan wrestler is a unique way to connect to the world…Koshti Pahlavani as a way to connect with people, learning about the traditions and culture of other countries.

4- The Jahan-Pahlavans Mind…To be a good pahlavan wrestler, with heart and mind in perfect equilibrium, is a necessary condition of being a wrestler/member of pahlavans wrestling. pahlavan wrestler must also be a great and noble person, always mindful of the affairs of the world, and jahan-pahlavan must have real drive and energy.

5-Pahlavan Wrestler of The World…Greatness mentally, Physically and Spiritually, Self Expression, Self Discipline, Compassion, Consistency, Honesty And Keeping your Word.


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