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   April , 28, 2016, 13:51 PM  

Golnar Vakil Gilani elected as Iran’s polo president
TEHRAN - Golnar Vakil Gilani was elected as new president of Iran’s Polo Federation.

Vakil Gilani won the election with 13 votes of 15.

She was elected to a four-year term as Iran polo president. 

Golnar Vakili Gilani replaced Hamzeh Ilkhanizadeh in the post. 

Vakili Gilani is a member of Iran’s women national team as well. 

Polo was invented and first played in Iran (or ancient Persia) thousands of years ago.  The original name of polo is “Chogan” and in Iran the game is still referred to as “Chogan”.  

From its Iranian origins in Persia it spread to Constantinople, and eastward through Bactria and Afghanistan to Tibet, China, and Japan, and from Tibet to India, where it flourished throughout the Mughal (Mogul) dynasty.  The word “polo” comes from the Tibetan word for the willow root from which polo balls were made of, which is “Pulu”.

Polo was the world’s first team sport, the world’s first ball game, and today is recognized as the world’s fastest team sport and ball game.  The first recorded game took place in 600 BC, in Ancient Persia. 

Throughout history, the game has been popular among generals, warriors, princes, and kings as a means of training cavalry for warfare.


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