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   July , 7, 2016, 00:50 AM  

Iranian basketballers need to work hard: Dirk Bauermann
Iran basketball coach Dirk Bauermann says that his players have no much international experience and they have to work hard each and every day.

Persians suffered two defeats against Greece 78-53 and Mexico 75-70 in the 2016 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments in Turin, Italy and failed to advance to the semis.

"We have a super young team," Bauermann said. "We're also getting great leadership from (veterans) Oshin (Sakakian) and Hamed (Haddadi) and Arsalan (Kazemi)."

"Sometimes, because we have such a young team, we tend to compound errors and stuff like turnovers becomes contagious," the German told "But we have a young team and we're very happy to have a young team. It's a process. We try to work hard each and every day. I know it's a cliche, but for us having a young team with most of our guys not having much international experience, there is no such thing as Euroleague or Eurocup in Asia, but these games are really important."

"We played against the Latvians a few days ago," Bauermann said. "Some of us were shellshocked by how good they were defensively, how well they read the game, the level of decision making. It was obvious today that we have already adjusted.

"So for us, I think it's extremely important to play as many games against top European teams, or any European teams for that matter, as possible. It helps us tremendously.

"My goal is not to learn from it so that we can become better and then one day we are more successful against Asian teams. The goal is to become good enough to beat them one day and hopefully, this was a small step in that direction," Iran coach concluded. 


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