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   August , 13, 2016, 09:38 AM  

Kianoush Rostami wins Iran’s first medal at Rio Olympics
Kianoush Rostami snatched a gold medal in the men's 85kg weightlifting on Saturday, ending medal drought for Iran at the Rio Olympics.

Rostami, 25, a silver medalist in the same category in London four years ago, made 217kg with his final clean and jerk for a total of 396kg, beating his world record by one kilogram.

China’s Tian Tao took silver with 395kgs despite making only two of his six lifts, while Romania's Gabriel Sincraian secured bronze with 390kg.

"The Iranian coaches are good but I want to make my own decisions," he said. "Nobody thought it was possible to come to Rio without a coach but here I am.

"All the time I train alone, just me in a training camp. Nobody sees me. It can make your mind go a bit crazy, but I will be here again the next time (at the 2020 Games in Tokyo) for sure."

Rostami predicted more weightlifting gold for Iran in Rio as the country has favourites in two of the remaining three men's medal events, Sohrab Moradi in the 94kg and Behdad Salimikordabiasi in the super-heavyweights.

"We will see more gold medals, and more world records for Iran," said Rostami. "Now that I have won, I'm sure others will win too."


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