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   August , 14, 2016, 15:49 PM  

Iran’s Sohrab Moradi takes Olympics weightlifting gold
RIO - Iran took its second gold medal in two days on Sunday. Sohrab Moradi easily topped the podium in the men's 94kg weightlifting.

When Kianoush Rostami broke a world record in winning the 85kg on Saturday he predicted more glory to come for Iran.

Moradi won the gold with a combined total of 403kg.

Belarus’s Vadzim Straltsou claimed silver on 395kg while Lithuania's Aurimas Didzbalis took bronze with 392kg.

"Now my wish is that Behdad Salimi wins his second gold medal, and makes it three for Iran," he said.

"During those two years I was on my own at home training very, very hard," he said.

"People laughed at me, they said you're retired, you're banned but I had a goal and I worked hard for it."

There were two Iranians in the eight-man field and plenty of their countrymen to support them in a crowd of more than 5,000.

Hasem Ali, 24, made only two good lifts for a total of 383kg and seventh place.

Moradi, 27, had two attempts at a world-record clean and jerk of 234kg after his victory was assured, but never came close with either of them because, he said, he felt a strain in his right thigh.

"I am a weightlifter, they are weightlifters, they lost their chance to compete," Moradi said when asked about the bans from these Games of the Zielinski brothers and the 2012 champion Ilya Ilyin, from Kazakhstan.

"I am sad they are not here. I sympathize with them."


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